Storm Glass - The Global Marine Weather Forecast API

One Single API – Global Coverage

Unmodified data from the most trusted weather institutes

Astronomy, Hindcast and Global Weather Forecasts as complement

Coordinates In - Weather Data Out

The Storm Glass API provides global forecasts in hourly resolution for up to 10 days ahead as well as historical data. Sources includes NOAA, Météo France, DWD Germany, UK Met Office and more.

  • Global weather
  • Air Temperature
  • Air Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Cloud Coverage
  • Precipitation
  • Visibility
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Gust
  • Snow Depth
  • Marine weather
  • Wave Height
  • Wave Direction
  • Wave Period
  • Swell Height
  • Swell Direction
  • Swell Period
  • Wind Wave Height
  • Wind Wave Direction
  • Wind Wave Period
  • Water Temperature
  • Ice Coverage
  • Tide
  • Extremes / High / Low
  • Sea Level
  • Currents Speed
  • Currents Direction
  • Astronomy
  • Sunrise / Sunset
  • First / Last Light
  • Nautical Twilight
  • Civil Twilight
  • Astronomical Twilight
  • Moonrise / Moonset
  • Moonphase
  • Closest Moonphase
  • Moon Fraction

The complete list of the data provided is available in the Documentation

Plans & Pricing

Free €0 per month

50 requests per day included

All weather sources available

Not for commercial applications    

Medium €16 per month

1000 requests per day included

All weather sources available

10% discount if you sign up for a year

Large €29 per month

5000 requests per day included

All weather sources available

10% discount if you sign up for a year

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Larger plans are available in the Storm Glass Dashboard when signed in.

Shipping, Offshore, Sailing, Fishing and Surfing

Storm Glass powers your mobile application or web service with weather forecast data for any shipping, offshore, sailing, fishing or surfing application.

Buffalo Automation - Self-driving boats | Autonomous ships

“The Storm Glass API is an indispensable part of our AI platform. The weather data from Storm Glass continuously improves the performance of our autonomous boat routing and the accuracy of our maritime monitoring systems.”

- Thiru Vikram, CEO Buffalo Automation

Surfers Against Sewage

“The weather data from Storm Glass helps users of the Safer Seas Service access real time information so they can plan their visits to beaches and waterways and make informed decisions about their water use.’”

Sine - Surf Forecast app for iOS and Android

“We rely on Storm Glass helping us help surfers across the globe keep track of the waves! Storm Glass is the only marine weather API where we can receive data from multiple sources from one single integration. This have saved us huge amounts of time!”

Using the API

The weather API allows you to fetch forecasts for any coordinate in a simple, programmatic way using HTTP requests.

  const lat = 58.5;
  const lng = 17.8;

  fetch(`${lat}&lng=${lng}`, {
    headers: {
      'Authorization': 'YOUR API KEY'  // Get your key by signing up
  }).then((response) => response.json()).then((jsonData) => {
    // Do something with response data.
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